Nobody Gets Out Alive

It's my birthday. Get in the pit.

[Listening to:  Suicidal Tendencies"Institutionalized" ]


Satorical said…
Hope you survived. :)
Anonymous said…
Definitely an interesting musical act.
Hex said…
Satorical -- It's like Spruill always says:

You shoulda killed me last year!

WIGSF -- See. Them. Live.

Seriously, Skindred puts on an amazing show, and always close with the song that I posted, and every pit I've been in for that tune has never been anything short of EPIC.

Nice guys, too.

(one of my favorite bands, obviously)
unMuse said…
that's completely awesome. did you see them live?

i missed out on that? wtf has happened to my concert going self?
Hex said…
unmuse -- I've seen Skindred live about 4 times now, the last one being December of last year in Orlando opening for Nonpoint. Honestly one of the best live acts going right now.

They used to be a regular fixture at Planetfest, but now that show has become the "Shinedown-is-back-(again)-and-here-are-4-bands-that-sound-just-like-them jamboree"

On the good side, Sevendust and Taproot will be at Freebird next month, and Earl Greyhound is coming back to town too!
LadyShay said…
Damnit, now I missed your birthday!!

Hope you had a great one!!!
unMuse said…
I dled a whole bunch of their stuff and I really like it. I can't believe I've missed out on this, yet some of the stuff sounds familiar - like I've heard it before but didn't know who they were. They seem like they put on a fantastic show. I'm going to have to keep an eye on where they go.

Is EG coming to Jax or back to St Auggie?

Yeah, the planetfest is not worth it anymore. I went last year or the year before and it wasn't really worth the hassle of dealing with thousands of screaming 16 year olds.
Werdna said…
Happy Birthday!

Awesome tunes:

skindred + Suicidal Tendencies.