You Can't See California Without Marlon Brando's Eyes

You get to this point where even though the signs say they each go a different direction, the roads in front of you all look the same. This point where you know you need to run. Need to move. Need to go. But you get hung up on which way. How to get there. Why you shouldn't just turn right back around and try it later, when you feel more assured about it. When you have a better idea of what to do.

One of the things age has given me that I sorta wish I didn't always have is this sense that "Tomorrow will always come." Not that I have an endless supply of them (because no one does) but that every day tends to bring some level of tension, some degree of crisis that you need to overcome.

When you're younger and those wolves start scratching at the door, your instinct is fight or flight. But as you grow older and understand a little more what the wolves look like, and have a better understanding of the way they think (since in some senses you've become one yourself) you realize that if you just stand your ground, they'll seek the easier meal.

I used to stare at the blank page in anger. It still bugs me sometimes when it looks back at me in defiance, but deep down inside I know the words will find a way. No matter which house rules the palace, the spice will always flow.
All that being said, I was kinda rolling there for a while -- and I would hate to
lose this rail right when I'm about to hit the bottom turn and move to the cutback.
So for god's sake -- Do something, cat.

[Listening to:  OPM"El Capitan" ]


Werdna said…

now what would Potz do?
Werdna said…

That is what Potz would do...
Heff said…
All that text for a cat fart ? I'm impressed !
Hex said…
Werdna -- Potz would skip the contest and head over to the secret spot to catch some tasty barrels.

Werdna II -- Just like that.

Heff -- Always bet on black.
inni4ka said…
"you realize that if you just stand your ground, they'll seek the easier meal"

i don't really see a better way to put it :) nice post