There's a guy who works in the production area at my company who is the absolute spitting image of my a-hole stepfather (a little shorter, perhaps -- but still). The beard, the eyes, the glasses, the walk..

Except that this guy (who I've worked with a few times) is soft spoken, considerate, open-minded, and funny -- all qualities that the a-hole stepfather could never be accused of having.

But I see him every day, walking back and forth between meetings or production inspections the same way he apparently has for the 25 plus years he's worked here (something else my stepfather could never really claim to know anything about, btw). And even though I know that it's not the person he most resembles, and even though half the time he shows up on a project team I'm glad to see him -- there's always that one or two seconds where I have to check myself to keep from acting on my first impulses.

Hopefully Charlie never sees it in my eyes, because he really does seem like a nice guy.
But even now, even after all these years..
That's how pure it is.

[Listening To:  The Clash"Spanish Bombs" ]


Satorical said…
I hear you loud and clear. Those types of feelings just do not wash.

I've never had cause to explain to my dad's current wife why I'm not so eager to hang out with him, but I think this makes it clear:

After she split with dad, my stepmother had her name legally changed because she could only think of him screaming it every time it was used. He made her hate the sound of her own name.
Anonymous said…

Just thinking about him made me angry, Hex. I didn't ever have to live with the man either.

Spanish Bombs by the Clash made it a little better though.

That is some serious business with your old stepmother, Satorical. I don't think I heard that one.
Werdna said…
Some how I clicked on to Anonymous.

Anyhoo. I got some hate stored up for my old man. Fortunately I don't run into dudes that look like him much.
Narm said…
As someone who constantly hears he looks like someone - I hope this explains all the dirty looks I get.
Hex said…
Satorical -- It's like the anger isnt' enough, like you've got to carry this lingering resentment and anger with you everywhere you go.It sucks.

Werdna -- I got anger for your old man too, and I've never even met him. I don't get why people are like that at all.

Narm -- You're a complicated man, but no one understands you like your woman..

They say this cat Narm is a baaaad mother.. SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
I'm jus talkin' 'bout Narm.
Monster said…
Is this anything like my fervent desire to play video basketball every time I eat Snyder's Honey Mustard and Onion pretzel pieces?