Have you ever had one of those dreams where you imagined you were falling, only to wake up suddenly at the last second, your heart still racing as if you really were plummeting from the sky? Have you ever had a nightmare so chilling that you couldn't get out of, or a pleasant dreamscape that you desperately wanted to return to once you realized that the sound of the alarm clock had shattered the illusions of it's reality all around you?

This morning I found myself with the distinct realization that someone was doing their very best to rouse my body and spirit from it's slumber in a very specific way. Somehow I was completely aware that it was a dream -- but by this point all of my senses were engaged, and despite my utter desire to follow the feeling all the way down the rabbit hole into Wonderland -- a part of my mind couldn't help but realize that if I were to do as she was instructing and wake up --
That everything I was feeling would surely disappear.
Stay asleep to keep waking up. Wake up and risk losing everything. Open your eyes to reclaim your solitude, close them to continue embracing the passion. She wants me to wake up, but I know I have to stay asleep. I want to wake up, but if I do she won't be there at all.

Memories in the mist. Images into ideas. Unknowingly present -- yet equally absent, like two people talking on opposite sides of a fence that don't realize just how close they actually are to one another.
She's there. She's not. I'm there. I'm not.
I'm there. I'm there. I'm there..

[Listening To:  The Distillers"Drain The Blood" ]


Mel said…
I hate these dreams of potential reality. I seem to have them just at the point where I have felt "emotionally moved on."

It only reopens really, really shitty wounds.
Werdna said…
I have the wake up dream. I dream I wake up. Then I dream I dreamt waking up and wake up again, then maybe take a leak. Then I dream that was a dream and I wake up, take a leak and get a shower. Then I dream I wake up. It ends up being this series of not sure if I'm awake or dreaming and I spend the whole day trying to shake it off.
Heff said…
I think it's probably time to wash the bed sheets, dude.
Frank said…
I had a dream I was falling, and then when I woke up I was in the process of actually falling off the bed...

True story.
SS+1 said…
Not gonna lie...the dream you're describing sounds pretty hot.
Alix Lakehurst said…
That was really beautiful. It's what keeps me coming back despite the quiet we now share. I can't seem to wake up. Unlike the other comments I don't want to. There is some kind of magic in those dreams and knowledge that tells me what I miss. And I do remember but I always follow the rabbit into the hole. I take a new pill every day, that's my mistake.

Don't ignore her she is trying to tell you something.

(Mobius is impossible unless you are naming a song. What goes on in that mind of yours when you name these posts?)