I've never:
  • Broken a bone.
  • Taken a flu shot.
  • Seen an episode of Mad Men (I hear it's good, I just haven't bothered yet).
  • Had a threesome.
  • Put premium gas in my car.
  • Snowboarded (Although I would love to).
  • Used marijuana, cocaine, or anything harder than shrooms.
  • Finished a novel that I've started writing (to date there have been 4).
  • Traveled by Rail (I'm thinking the one at the Zoo doesn't count).
  • Smoked.
  • Lost at Air Hockey.
  • Owned a dog (Which is weird, because I've always wanted a Dalmatian).

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The Ex said…

broken a bone.
seen Mad Men.
used marijuana, cocaine, shrooms and ecstacy.
traveled by rail. (I assume you mean trains...blonde, ftw)
owned a dog (a dalmation even!).

All highly overrated, to be perfectly honest.
Heff said…
I'm a whore. I've done everything. Twice.
Dorian said… I supposed to drink if I've done any of those? :)
Anonymous said…
You've never put premium gas. Dude, you gotta try it.
Hex said…
Ex -- I'm not exactly racing to break a bone, but I really can't believe I haven't ridden a train or snowboarded by at this point. And once I get a place where one can run around, I'll have my dalmation.

Heff -- That's why we love you, bro.

Dorian -- by my estimations that's at least 7 drinks or so. Sounds like a fun party to me -- bottoms up!

WIGSF -- Dude, republicans have been in charge for 8 years..

I can't afford it!
LadyShay said…
I'm gonna kick your ass in air hockey and foosball.
Monster said…
Thanks to reckless in-breeding, many Dalmations are NUTTERS. I had one, and he was awesome, but he was like, I dunno - really strung out.

Remember the look on my face when Justin spent 20 mins explaining the rules of a card game and said "Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the bottle cap yet!" ? That's the way this dog looked at me when I said "sit".

This is not rhetoric, I think they rule. Just giving you the heads-up.
JerseySjov said…
I've never:
gone skiing
been asked on a date in real life
owned or rented property
Satorical said…
Flu shots rule
Mad Men is good
Never had a threesome, generally not a whore
Haven't had a car in eight years. Woohoo!
Snowboarding rules, far more than flu shots
I think I'm the only person in NYC who doesn't live for pot.
I really should finish my novel, but it ain't happenin' any time soon.
Very few modes of travel are fun anymore. I take the train to work everyday. Wait--Hex--you've ridden the subway in New York!
I'm an ex-smoker, the worst kind of non-smoker. Get your fucking cigarette out of my face.
The world needs more Air Hockey.
I've never had my own dog, which is fine. Cats own dogs, anyway. (Bring it, dog people. Ain't skeered.)
unMuse said…
broken several - my hand just last week
never had a flu shot, but several others
record every MadMen episode, this year and last. Yes, it rocks.
had a 3some... and other -somes.
never snowboarded, but I'm scared I'd Sonny Bono myself.
yup. I've used drugs.
I have someone else writing my book.
I love trains. Travelled all over Europe and New England (when I lived in NYC) in them.
I just had a cigarette.
I always lose at air hockey. Never at, Monopoly though.
I have 2 dogs. I'm deathly allergic to cats.

I can't really think of anything I haven't done or experienced. I know there are things, like war and famine, but those don't count.
jason quinones said…
tried it all except shrooms.

never broken a bone either.

pulled and torn lots of muscles though.

which kinda makes me sound all manly and ripped.

but really i'm just lazy.
Hex said…
Shay -- foosball I stink at. Air Hockey, though -- That's war. I don't let my son win when we play (it's a matter of honor, I'm afraid). Any little kid, in fact that wants to challenge me gets no quarter.

Monster -- oh god don't even talk to me about playing board games with Justin. I tried Monopoly with him once and was so lost I'm still not sure if I actually owe him back rent right now.

I also have heard lots of bad things about Dalmatians, which is why when I had a house with a yard I shied away from it, because Curren was still a baby and I had my worries about the whole situation. I think now that I'm on my own, if i ever get in a place where I think I can afford one (and the cats don't kill me in my sleep for even thinking such a thing) I will still give it a go, if i can find one that seems to have verifiable lines.

Jersey -- I've waterskied, which is awesome, but pretty much missed out on all snow sports because I was too young when I lived in Colorado, and have pretty much no access short of traveling now that I live in Florida.

ps - I wouldn't worry about that date thing, either. reading your blog, it sounds like capoeira guy is coming around.

Satorical -- Indeed you are right, I was thinking Amtrack variety stuff when I wrote that, but I have been on the subway. Good catch. btw, Broken collarbone does not sound pleasant.

Unmuse -- it seems like there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who "never lose" at Monopoly, and the rest of us who dont' really understand the game and get slaughtered by you people.

Jason -- a torn muscle isn't anything to scoff at. I've had a few of those, and they suck.

Also nice to know I can lord my limited shrooms experience over someone (even if they've done everything else).
Frank said…
I haven't done 5 of those...hmmm, my life is more adventurous than I thought.
Werdna said…
* Broken a bone.- broke my pinky.
* Taken a flu shot. did it once because of Sofia.
* Seen an episode of Mad Men (I hear it's good, I just haven't bothered yet). Me neither.
* Had a threesome. - done that.
* Put premium gas in my car. do that.
* Snowboarded (Although I would love to). done that.
* Used marijuana, cocaine, or anything harder than shrooms. I'm out on cocaine, and now I'm out on the rest.
* Finished a novel that I've started writing (to date there have been 4). I'm not even finishing this list ;)
* Traveled by Rail (I'm thinking the one at the Zoo doesn't count). Rode the bullet train in Japan- once with my son. It ruled.
* Smoked. Only on stage- and a few cloves.
* Lost at Air Hockey. I'm terrible at that game I've probably never won.
* Owned a dog (Which is weird, because I've always wanted a Dalmatian). I didn't but my Grandma did when I was living with her, does that count?
JerseySjov said…
i google image searched 'skanky cheerleader' and an image from here popped up, haha!
Hex said…
Frank -- I always knew you were a wild man.

Werdna -- Bullet train envy. I has it.

Jersey -- LOL, that's funny.

Also you might notice that skanky cheerleader didn't make my never list. Draw your own conclusions ;)
Werdna said…
@Hex- Bullet Train envy? Your kid probably has it and doesn't know it yet.

I rode the bullet train with Annie and it was a fast train, pricey, and very quiet. The impressive part was being on the platform as one shot by. It was just one more thing to manage luggage and my hangover through. It was cool, but not life changing.

All that changes with the kid and it is now the best thing in the world. Of all the cool stuff Matteo got to do in Japan (and there was a ton of fun stuff), whenever I ask him about what his favorite thing was, he says the Shinkansen- riding the bullet train. Getting to see the bullet train through a 4 year old's eyes- priceless.

You'll make it. Maybe we'll do it together.
dorian said…
@Hex - I will neither confirm nor deny that I have or have not done any of the things on that list :P

@werdna - /wave /hug /cheer :)