Nobody Walks in LA

Stupid busy at work lately -- and not even at my desk, either. The past week has been filled with 5-6 hour stretches in the clean room doing burst testing on polyethylene pouches. Essentially we put a lot of our surgical stuff into pouches that can be sterilized. But to ensure that they can handle the process and survive shipping, we have to see how strong they are by filling them with air until they pop like balloons, and then measure how much pressure it took to break them.

And of course, because of scientific standards -- we need 60 data points to make clear determinations of the values. Which means 60 tests, at three different seal temperatures, for 4 different pouch sizes -- all done twice, because we need to know the difference between pre-sterile and post.

Long story short, I've spent the whole week popping little bags and writing down numbers.
Excruciatingly boring.
I've been hitting the gym fairly regularly (which is good), but I'm not gonna lie here -- lately I feel like I'm not really getting anywhere, and it's starting to become frustrating.

In the good news department I got a supersweet gift in the mail -- the set lists from the recent Living Colour/Earl Greyhound set at the Rock for Barack show Satorical caught a while back (thanks bro -- love 'em!), and despite everyone being tired and having lots to do, there's always a smile in store when the phone rings at 9.

One thing I have been thinking about though -- Saturday is looking pretty open, and there are a few movies I wouldn't mind seeing. Money is a little tight, but that's not really where this idea came from.
I'm thinking about doing a little theater hopping this weekend.
You know, pay for one film and then sneak into 2 or 3 more? Honestly, how long has it been since I've done that? And really -- what's the worst that could happen if I get caught? It's not like they're gonna call my parents.

I don't know -- the last time I was in a theater (when I took the kid to see that awful Clone Wars flick) I started thinking about it. Remember when movie theater people (looking at you here, Monster) used to be really authoritative figures? Like if they caught you sneaking theaters, or trying to get into an R-rated film when you weren't 17 they actually got mad? Like they were cops or something?

The kids who work in those places now seem like they really don't give a crap either way. There's probably a chance that the whole thing could turn out to be an empty thrill.
But it still sounds like a fun idea.
I don't know -- this is why I prefer my actual job, because it's not as repetitive and mindless as the crap I've been doing this week. I actually have to think and figure stuff out, instead of just turning a crank and punching a button over and over for hours on end -- where the only distraction is thinking up stupid little crimes (wait, is it a crime?) I might commit this weekend if I don't have anything better to do.
Anyways, I got pouches to pop.

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whatigotsofar said…
So, how many times did you have to fart into the pouch before it would burst?

We know you tried. Don't act like you didn't.
Heff said…
I've actually NEVER theater hopped. Thanks for the idea.
JerseySjov said…
i always pay for movies because i like having the stub...i was/am pretty unadventurous for a kid/kid
The Kaiser said…
The Stranger actually did a story on theater hopping for basically the entire day last year for Xmas or Thanksgiving. They did at a huge theater downtown and ended up sort of burned out, but did not get caught (my recollection is that they did like 5 or 6 movies though, 3 or 4 might be a sweet spot for that illicit activity).
Personally I never got to do it. My parents had me on a pretty tight leash as far as going out was concerned, so by the time I had opportunity Monster worked at the AMC and, well, why steal it if you can get it for free anyway?
Hex said…
WIGSF -- If it was one of my farts?

Only one, brother. Only one.

..And it would MELT.

Heff -- I tried it at a local place Saturday evening, but they had cops standing in front of the hallways. I really wanted to see Apaloosa, but not that badly.

jerseysjov -- it probably shows my age, but there was a time when getting into an R-rated movie underage was a much bigger deal. Now when you go into one it's like a daycare center.

Kaiser -- I think my mistake was trying it prime time on a Saturday. Earlier in the day, perhaps on a weeknight, and I'm thinking it will work.