It's not that I wanted more sleep. It's not even that I didn't want to go to work (well, any more than I ever want to go to the job on any given Monday).

It's that I'd finally found the perfect combination of pillow placement and blanket wrappage, the ideal point of coverage and warmth -- and despite your shrill, insistent alarm clock beeping about what time it is and where I need to be in the next hour or so,
I don't want to let it go just yet.

[Listening To:  Liam Lynch"United States of Whatever" ]


whatigotsofar said…
Sure, rub it in mofo. I've got the day off today and yet I rolled my sick ass outta bed at 5:00am.
Heff said…
Isn't it weird how you always seem to be in PERFECT sleep mode when the damn alarm goes off ?
Frank said…
A half gallon or so of coffee each morning helps me let go of sleep, but not for long.....zzzzzzzzzz
JerseySjov said…
that always happens to me when i hit snooze since im only semi-asleep when i configure myself in the blankets.
i guess that's how i end up snoozing for hours sometimes
~*M*~ said…
I find I can get back to sleep if my subconscious integrates the alarm sound into my dream, though dreaming of air raids/traffic jams/geese fighting isn't the best...
Hex said…
Hex -- oh wait, that's me. No need to reply to that comment.

wigsf -- there's a 5:00 am? Why would someone invent something like that?

Heff -- Remember when you were a kid and you thought there was a tiny band in your radio, and a little guy in the fridge who would turn the light off when you shut the door?

I'm pretty sure that guy moved into my alarm clock, and every morning he's just messing with me.

Frank -- I'm with you there. Coffee = Life.

Jersey -- When I'm out late partying and get home at all hours, I always feel like its a victory when I'm stumbling in and the alarm has been going off without me for an hour and a half.

M -- nothing worse than the dream where you're already at work. Because I never dream about having a bad day. I dream I showed up early, and there's not much to do -- and then all of the sudden I wake up and realize that I'm gonna be late and the whole day is screwed.