I'm not all that big a fan of Saturday Night Live, but they've been on a huge roll lately with all the election and financial craziness happening in the world. So rather than subject you to my own misguided ramblings about an economic crisis that honestly I only kinda understand, I'll let this clip do the talking for me, since it pretty much sums up how I feel about this whole thing.
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The Ex said…

I think the most honest and real discussion about politics in this country happen on "funny" shows. SNL, The Daily Show, Colbert Report.

That's fucked up.
Frank said…
I second what the ex said. It's a good way to keep up with all the shitty financial news, yet still avoid crying yourself to sleep at night.
Amanda said…
"You know all those empty sacks that used to be filled with money? Get in those and race."

OMG, I just snorted my Dr. Pepper.
Satorical said…
OMG Are You Serious? Really?

I go back to my SNL thesis: The show is always funny, it's just funny in different ways depending on the times. Sometimes it's your brand of funny, sometimes it's not. Right now they are bringing it.
Hex said…
Ex -- I would agree, but I think it works so well there because it contrasts all the rest so perfectly. One probably can't live without the other, you know?

Frank -- That's what's missing from all those old John Steinbeck dust bowl novels -- the jokes.

Amanda -- I'm counting a snarf as a positive comment.

Satorical -- I'm gonna go ahead and say it. Amy Poehler bothers the crap out of me. I love love loved her on the old comedy central Upright Citizens Brigade show, and even in movie cameos she showed clear comic timing and an ability to create characters -- but on SNL she comes off really smug, and it normally just irks the crap out of me.

That being said, she was perfect in this, so what do I really know?