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Heff said…
I haven't seen a play on those commercials in quite some time.
whatigotsofar said…
That stuff is pretty funny, until it got preachy.
Werdna said…
hmmm. That music sure is good. ;)
Werdna said…
I laughed like hell at the first part, the end was played too straight.

The hurricane guy was a masterful bit of comedy. Masterful.
Satorical said…
Bring it.

One week, and we'll know.
Hex said…
Heff -- The whole story behind these guys and trying to get credit for their own work, and now the way they get to use it without the Budweiser company blocking them is actually pretty fascinating.

WIGSF -- isn't that always the way.

Werdna -- It took a second to grow on me, but I'm digging it. Great suggestion.

Werdna II -- The guy hanging himself is the part that got me.

Satorical -- I know man. Countdown started systems on.