Actually Spoken During the Course of My Day

"She died the same way she lived -- ruining everyone else's Thanksgiving."

[Listening To:  Coal Chamber"Big Truck" ]


Amanda said…
I can almost guess who said that. Have it narrowed down to three. Can I use that at the service?
sarah said…
I will gladly applaud you if you use that at the service.

Flight's booked. Havoc will be wreaked.
Peanut Angel said…
Harsh.... But, I know some people I would make similar comments about.
Hex said…
Amanda -- I know who your three surely are, and I can safely say we all probably uttered some variant of it over the past few days. And yes, you GOTTA use it at the service.

Sarah -- Indeed it will. Won't be the first time she inspired havoc.

Peanut -- we can't choose family. We can love them in spite of it all, but that doesn't mean we aren't gonna talk about them while we do.
Frank said…
I hope I die on Thanksgiving just so that this can be said at my funeral.