Keith Olbermann Has Had it With Me Ignoring This Blog

[Listening To:  Me'Shell Ndegeocello"Make Me Wanna Holler" ]


Heff said… least he calls you "Sir".
Satorical said…
I've had it with Olberman. Enough already. He and Limbaugh should be forced to share a cruise cabin for a week.
Werdna said…
He's kind of a douchenozzle.

I hope for his sake, it is a persona for ratings.
Hex said…
Heff -- as it should be.

Satorical -- he gets old (as they all do), but there are times when his rants get me to thinking. Limbaugh has never inspired me to do anything more than smashing my radio into a million pieces, so I'm considering Keith slightly better.

Werdna -- considering his former time on ESPN, I think it's easier to assume he's just a tool.