Programming Note

Friday wasn't so hot.
The Sheet will return next week, but as for right now -- the quarterback is toast.

I'm working on stuff for this week, and I'm certainly not gone -- but at this point talking about the cool things from last week seems well, kinda last week, you know?
Anyways, all apologies.
See you real soon. Why? because we like you.

PS - Whenever I saw this part of the show as a kid (in re-runs, I'm not that old) I couldn't help but think the friggin world was ending. I swear to god this is the single most somber kids song in the entire world.

[Listening to:  Ida Maria - "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" ]


Anonymous said…
Where is the beef?
jason quinones said…
looking forward to your upcoming eventual scathing review of chinese democracy...
Monster said…
My mom taught us the Mickey Mouse Club song because she thought it was clever... but I always had this sense of impending doom, too. "See you real soon because we like you" sounds like something someone says when they KNOW they won't see you again.
Heff said…
I was always hoping for Annette Funicello's sweater to pop open. Yeah, I'm Mickey Louse.
what happens when you play that song backwards?
cult, anyone?
Hex said…
Anonymous -- where is your name?

Jason -- I'm already working on it.

Monster -- I first heard it in re-runs of the show, and if you look at the clip, they all look like they've just been yelled at in the worst, most vile way possible. You got the feeling that the beatings were going to commence the very second the cameras shut off.

Heff -- Annette was always hot. Even in those cheesy beach-blanket films, you just sorta hated Frankie Avalon for what you assumed he was getting to do.

Projectivist -- YEKCIM ESUOM! (Kcud Dlanod!) YEKCIM ESUOM! (Kcud Dlanod!)

Forever let us hold our banner
High! High! High! High!

..yeah, it does kinda sound evil.
i KNEW it!