Two Things

1) I have cats. I also have a Roomba, and I can assure you -- this never happens.
2) Guess what I'm doing when I get home tonight?

[Listening To:  A"Nothing" ]


Narm said…
How the hell is that thing so calm? My old cat would have been running all over the place and shitting in the corner.
Heff said…
Dudes - You have to get the cat STONED first. I thought everyone knew this.
unMuse said…
i wanted to get a robot vacuum since my entire house is hard wood floors. then i realized that my dogs would kill it and set me back a pretty penny.

about getting a cat stoned, I learned in my college years that putting them in a brown paper bag, folding the open end closed and having 3-8 of your friends second-handing into it is the easiest route.
Hex said…
Narm -- he must have OCD or something, or be like that old anti-meth commercial where the chick cleans the hell out of the house (am I the only one who saw those and thought, "Damn look at her go -- I need to get me one of those meth addicts, my house is a mess!"

Heff -- That's all I need is my cats getting all blazed up and telling me how the universe works.

Unmuse -- the robot vaccuum does not work perfectly well, but compared to the NO vacuuming I was doing before, it's an incredible improvement.

PS -- I did attempt to get my roomates to try the roomba ride last night, but they weren't having it at all.
imagine the vast fortunes you'd make if you trained your cat to do that.

start training your cat today!
superglue is probably the way to go.