Actually Spoken During the Course of My Day

Coworker: What's that you're listening to?
Me: It's a Japanese speed metal band called Sex Machineguns.
Coworker: Are they ..any good?
Me: Who cares -- they're called Sex Machineguns!
Actually, they are pretty good (they're no Animetal, but still). Of course if you don't have at least a little love for speed metal to begin with it will probably leave you cold -- but there's just something about this whole screaming, bedazzled mess that makes me smile.
..and I'm not just taking about the chorus line of dancing Samaras, either.

[Listening to:  Animetal - "Kinnikuman Go Fight!" ]


Werdna said…
Not a rounded guitar or bass in the house! All pointy, all the time!

Heff said…
Basic classic rock style tune, with speed metal style drums.