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Anonymous said…
Hello, Vinny. It's your Uncle Bingo. Time to pay the check!

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

The pen, is truly mightier than the sword!

Never rub another man's rhubarb.

Now comes the part where I relieve you, the little people, of the burden of your failed and useless lives. But, as my plastic surgeon always said: if you gotta go, go with a smile.

This town needs an enema!

I now do what other people only dream. I make art until someone dies. See? I am the world's first fully functioning homicidal artist.

Haven't you ever heard of the healing power of laughter?
Heff said…
.....a DAILY factor in Heffland.
Werdna said…
That could be tomorrow for me...

but some how I don't think I had enough to generate hangover. I did last Friday... wooo. Nothing beats errands with the kids and a hangover.
Hex said…
The Joker: Careful, Harley. You'll kill him.
Harley Quinn: But..
The Joker: But NOTHING. You're my hench-wench. Less wench, more hench, you molly-coddling little twit. NOBODY KILLS THE BAT BUT ME!!!

Heff -- At least you're consistent.

Werdna -- Once he's old enough to make bloody marys, my kids probably gonna hate me.