Poisson Heureux #4

Here's what's been making this fish happy lately:
  1. Ice Station Zebra -- Despite the fact that I recently upgraded my cable TV package to help me gain access to a host of new shows that people I know have been buzzing about -- more often than not I find that all I've been using my extra viewing power for is watching old war movies that I've already seen a billion times. One of my all-time favorites is the cold war thriller Ice Station Zebra, based off the novel by Alistair MacLean. Rock Hudson, Patrick McGoohan, Ernest Borgnine, Jim effing Brown -- not to mention more Submarine movie cliches than you could possibly shake a stick at, how could anything ever be better?

    I'll tell you how -- I'm watching this on the Retro movie channel the other night, and in the middle of the flick the action stops and they put a still picture of the main submarine from the movie on the screen with the words "Intermission" displayed on top. When's the last time you were at a movie that had one of those? I remember a few movies when I was a kid that had breaks in the middle -- but that's one lost art that I wouldn't mind seeing back.

  2. Losing almost 10 pounds, and being in the right frame of mind to hopefully take that ball and run with it.

  3. Online Drum Machines.

  4. The fact that I'm gonna be partying in NYC with my boy Satorical all weekend.

  5. The David Lee Roth Runnin' With the Devil Soundboard -- This makes me laugh way more than it should. In fact, once I figure out a way to connect that drum machine up with this thing, I may never leave the house again.

  6. Realizing that even though most of the Jimi Hendrix CD's you can get these days all seem to have the same 5 song titles on them, they usually all slightly different versions. And for a guitar nerd like me, the more versions of Voodoo Chile I can get my hands on, the better.

  7. No no baby, Leave the frogs on.

  8. Thoughts of what kinds of debauchery could take place inside the world's coolest sleeping bag with the one person I know who still loves going camping.

  9. Saturday Night Wrist by the Deftones, a seriously underrated album by one of my favorite bands that I'm secretly glad I don't have to share with every other teenager out there anymore. It's almost like back in the day before they broke out big, where you were able to enjoy them without being lumped in with a bunch of emo losers.

  10. This song (all apologies for the hipster singing it, but this cracks my shit up).

[Listening To:  Deftones"Beware" ]


JerseySjov said…
haha i was playing with the runnin with the devil soundboard and laughing out loud with my door open.
and i wonder why my roommates don't play with me.

i saw pictures from a fashion show where the model had a baguette strapped on her head and eggs attached to her dress.
Heff said…
Diamond Dave AT HIS FINEST, LOL !
Werdna said…
Diamond DAVE!!! The only real Van Halen.

Not that Van Hagar didn't have some good songs, but that is not the greatest bar band to make it big... errr Van Halen.

What is making me happy?

1- garageband
2- bass guitars well setup
3- ibanez afs75
4- getting the picture?
5- march madness
6- got a MIDI cable so keys will be forth coming.