I might be getting a roommate. I'm probably getting a roommate.
I like living alone. I don't want to be alone, but there's a certain something about a man, his castle, being able to build a pillow fort, strut around nude, watch whatever you want on TV whenever you want, or feeling like the majority of your time is your own. The funny thing about all this is that so many of the life changes I've been making lately have sort of quietly been in preparation for this one possibility -- but now that it's essentially here, staring back at me in ultra clear HD, it makes me wonder how I'll really react.
Weekends are one thing, but this will be totally different.
I don't know -- this is coming out wrong. I mean, it's not like I haven't lived with the guy before. Not like we don't get along.
It's just that this is real.

[Listening to:  Marcy Playground - "It's Saturday" ]


Adam said…
Congrats, man. That is awesome!
Werdna said…
Sounds great to me!
Monster said…
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Monster said…
(Stupid spelling.)

Dude - that guy is gonna tear you a new one if you pull the "cereal in a Pyrex measuring cup" trick. Just sayin'.
LadyShay said…
This makes me love you. Not in the real I wanna have your baby way [which we won't talk about:)] but that you make me hopeful that there are still real men out there in the world. Congratulations, this is truly a blessing.