Chalky Loves to Ski

I've pretty much got no words to offer in defense here -- except that if the dancing hottie in the red shirt is supposed to be some kind of a problem, then I whole-heartedly call dibs and offer my services in the name of solving it.

[Listening to:  Flaw - "Payback" ]


Hex said…
ps -- Keep an eye out for Liam Kyle Sullivan, a.k.a Kelly from the "Shoes" video lamping around in the background.
Heff said…
"Flash Upgrade required" ?

...Damnit !!!!!
Satorical said…
"It's true! We're so lame!"
jaeme said…
Dan, I think red shirt is a guy.
JerseySjov said…
ahaha!! i almost fell outta my chair because i went to send this link to my friends too fast.
Hex said…
Hex -- wait, why am I responding to you!?

Heff -- Right, people you have to tell me these things, okay? I've been frozen for thirty years, okay? Throw me a frickin' bone here -- I'm the boss! Need the info!!

Satorical -- "White guys have names like Lenny, whereas black guys have names like Carl."

Jaeme -- No way. Based on what!? Don't you be doing that to me.

Jersey -- I know, right?
Heff said…
I just noticed the "tigger please", lol !

"Heff's Bar and Grill is now in FULL video compliance, as you ARE a valued customer", lmao !