Pastor of Muppets

His toy box is bigger than my guitar amp. I hate to sound selfish, but that's not really the way I ever envisioned things working out. Still -- there's surprisingly enough room for both of them in this place, even if I really haven't had much of a chance to play a chord or scale since he moved in.
I tell you one thing though -- this letting him win at all the video games part?
..Yeah, that ain't gonna last much longer.

[Listening to:  Calle 13 - "Electro Movimiento" ]


Heff said…
wigsf said…
Can somebody please explain to me why Master of Puppets is a good song?
Werdna said…
That particular Squidbillies clip melted my face off.

I mean was awesome. Too bad about the room mate thing. That is going to make trading licks tougher. Believe me though it is in process and happening.
Satorical said…
wigsf--like a joke, if you have to explain it, it loses something.

But here goes: If you like 2112, with its epic imagery, technical proficiency and building intensity, you have an idea of why Master of Puppets is a good song. If you think it's trite wanking crap, then you probably hate MoP too.

Tastes vary.
Hex said…
Heff -- Gives a whole new meaning to the idea of "Disposable Heroes," eh?

WIGSF -- Examining it now in light of what Metallica's become is a little unfair, but MoP is still one of the truly great epic Metal songs. It rises and falls, charges and paces itself. It's a ton of fun to play on guitar, and even people who don't play love the "Master, Master!!" hook.

It's not even the best song on that album, and it's a classic.

Werdna -- The funny thing about that clip is that Squidbillies is essentially Dave Willis' baby, who's a decent guitar player, but he gets tons of help from his ATHF cohort Matt Malinero, who's a really good guitar player -- but for the majority of the shredding in this episode they called in Brendon Small (the guy behind Dethklok), who's a REALLY good shredder, even though he rarely playes anything other than metal. So the subtext of the scene is probably a little more literal than the script would have you believe.

Satorical -- Great comparison. The difference I bet is that unlike 2112 (which had it's day in the sun) MoP probably gets overplayed in certain places to the point of being effed out.

I remember days when I would call Rock 105 and beg the Arf to play it, but he'd always claim it was too long..