Bullet With a Name

Talk to me, don't talk to me. Take from me. Put upon me. Give to Me. Covet. Measure me with numbers. Limit me with insecurity and doubt. Test me with distance. Put the food at the other end of the table, and then tie me to the chair. Put me in a place where no one lives, then connect me to the entire world 140 characters at a time. Lead me to international outrages, meaningless sports-related indignities, and video clips of flash mobs in MC Hammer pants. Lash me to the ground with debt and responsibility when I wash up on the shore. Expect me to conquer Blefuscu for you just because everyone hasn't seen the light of Little-Endianism yet.
I'll complain. I'll compartmentalize. I'll burn.
..But I will find a way.

[Listening to:  Motograter - "New Design" ]


unMuse said…
I had to get away from twitter a little while back. It took the focus off of my daily life and submerged me into a word jumble.
Hex said…
unMuse -- I check in on it a few times a day, finding that I'd get totally sucked into it otherwise.

It's fun in doses.