Bra straps dig into shoulder blades, underwear rides up, shirts creep and bunch when you sit down for long periods of time. Body parts itch, earrings beg to be twirled, cell phones shift in your pockets. Adjusting our coverings has become as natural an instinct as wagging a tail to brush off insects or cleaning your own paws.

All that being said, coworker -- if you insist upon having to re-tuck in your business shirt, perhaps consider going somewhere slightly more private than your cubicle before undoing your pants and jamming your hands down in there during business hours!?
..Did not need to see that.

[Listening to:  Down - "Nothing in Return (Walk Away)" ]


Satorical said…
That is right up there with clipping your nails in your cubicle. Really? You can't spare the two minutes to go do this elsewhere? Ugh.
Heff said…
My internet settings at home are fucked. I can't see the picture, which must be a GOOD THING.