I Know, Man. I Know.

Just keep saying to yourself, "What would Steve McNair do?"
..And then do the exact opposite.

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Werdna said…
Love the Like a Boss tag. Hopefully you meant it in the Lonely island sense:


Werdna said…
Oh and that is definitely Sarkozy looking on. And he knows what it is like to be like a boss...

He's the one with Carla Bruni
JerseySjov said…
i'd rather have obama stare at my ass than most of the guys who actually do stare at my ass. you go, girl in the red dress!
wigsf said…
This is proof that Obama is getting a free ride. If Clinton did that, there would be an impeachment trial date set.
Hex said…
Werdna -- You know I do man. Even
featured it on the blog a while back, too.

Werdna II -- It goes without saying, but European leaders just get it. That Grace Kelly was Princess of Monaco and not in any way shape or form in charge of anything on American soil is one of our nations most tragic mistakes.

I mean dude, have you seen Rear Window?

Jersey -- It's like the scene out of The Matrix where Neo sees the woman with the red dress.

Wigsf -- Dude, Bill Clinton did do that. Like all the time did that.

Besides, That's an ass you just gotta check out. Hail to the Chief.
Satorical said…
I think this balances out his egghead rep. Of course, it'll make for an interesting conversation and make-up sex with Michelle. Go Barack!
Werdna said…
Grace Kelly was quite a lady, and I blame it on the Truman and Eisenhower administrations (Kelly did film from 50-56 primarily- met Rainier in 55 according to Wikipedia). Surely there was a captain of industry who could have handled it?

No wonder she went with Prince Ranier.