That's My Jam: Nothin' But the Dog in Me

I have to say that out of all the music videos in the world where an alpine skier loses his walkman in the snow that's then picked up by a heavily tattooed, bearded guy with canine teeth who takes it back to his practice pad/house and plays the techno song that's on there for his catlike, underwear-sporting bandmates who pick up on the beat and proceed to launch into a kickin' rockabilly track that eventually reminds the guys in the band of times where they were passed out drunk in a bathtub, watched over by zombies, or realized that the town's sushi chef looks an awful lot like the butcher, baker AND the cheese maker until out of nowhere a gorgeous girl with canine teeth and a Betty Page haircut walks up and grabs the singers heart, which makes the whole band pass out -- after which they wake up in the woods and find themselves being rubbed on by a horde of topless girls with the same sort of canine teeth and hairstyles until the drummer turns into a giant 2D animation that spews a hailstorm of guitar picks from his mouth that apparently kills everyone in the band and leaves them buried in a cemetery -- this one is my favorite.
-- And the song rocks too!

-- Slightly NSFW towards the end.

[Listening to:  Miles Davis - "So What" ]


Werdna said…
Satorical said…
The Mill does effects for Doctor Who. If it's the same joint.
Hex said…
Werdna -- here's the thing though. It is a great tune, but I'm betting without this quirky and endearing video it would just sorta be ..blah. Not sure why that is. Sometimes a lame video can make you notice that a song is kinda dull, but more often for me I've noticed a tendency for a fun video (especially well-animated ones, possibly because I have such a love for that art form) to give a song that little extra push.

Satorical -- Might just be. I've not been able to find much info on the clip outside of the page I found it on.