That's My Jam: The Three Song Challenge

This one's a little tricky, but if you're interested this is a nice little peek into just how much of a music nerd I am, and how I got to be that way. Think about the songs in your music collection -- whether it be the contents of your iPod, the CD's on the shelf, or (perhaps more importantly) the songs you remember from your lifetime.
Once you've got yourself in that frame of mind, ask yourself this question:
Can you think of 3 songs that share the same
title or theme, but sound completely different?
In other words, connect the dots through the music you love -- six degrees of Kevin Bacon-style into a unexpected mix. It's the sort of thing I used to do back when I was a DJ, both when I was doing parties and when I was working at the strip club. Very few of the girls picked up on it, but I do remember cracking a certain smile when Raven of all people walked up to me after her set and said, "All 3 songs related to Bela Lugosi movies -- nicely done, Mr. Man."

You might remember a couple of days back I wrote a post lamenting the fact that people close to me in age and seem to have no idea about any of the pop culture things I tend to reference in casual conversation.

To my way of thinking, a lot of the things I was talking about were pretty obvious -- but I'm well aware of the fact that I also tend to get into things that very few people know (or perhaps better said actually care that much) about.

For example, there was a time back in college when my CD collection was organized not alphabetically by band name, but by the name of the guitarist who played on the tracks. So you'd find Frank Zappa's Them or Us sitting next to PIL's Compact Disc, sitting next to Whitesnake's Slip of the Tongue because Steve Vai played on all of them.
Practices like these are what led me to come up with the 3-song game.
I used to make a lot of mixtapes for friends (don't do it so much anymore, which is a shame because they're fun to make) -- and I would always attempt to inject some sort of theme into them (especially if I was making one for a girl I was into -- because they always pick up on the cues in the lyrics on a mixtape, right? ..right?).
So here we go -- 3 songs that share the same theme or title, but sound nothing alike:

- Roger Miller, Engine Engine Number 9

- Deftones, Engine N º9

- Black Sheep, The Choice is Yours (connects the dot at 2:30)
So the question now becomes -- which ones can you think of?
I admit, it's not an easy task. I have trouble with it sometimes myself. Obviously it's a little easier to find matching titles with sappy love songs, but a lot of those tend to sound similar -- so be careful not to fall into that trap.

Once you've got your songs chosen out, make sure to post the titles (and YouTube links, if you can find them) in the comments.
Let's see who can come up with the best one!

[Listening to:  Fishbone - "Let Dem Hoes Fight Pt. 2" ]


JerseySjov said…
im not near my itunes at the moment, but i used to have about 10 songs called "Gone"
unMuse said…
Okay.. here we go:

All My Life - Flo Rida
All My Life - Foo Fighters
Lit Up - Buckcherry

The Beer Song - They Might Be Giants
Beer, Beer, Beer - The Pogues
Beercan - Beck

Chocolate Jesus - Tom Waits
Jesus Walks - Kanye
(then, just to solely follow the Jesus Theme..)
Jesus Built My Hotrot - Primus

and.. completely for humor value:
Fuck Her in the Ass - Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison
Cherry Pie - ICP
Whisper - Ying Yang Twins
Werdna said…

Nice work. How-some-ever...

Jesus Built My Hotrod is by Ministry (with Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers).

I've never heard a Primus version. There apparently is a badly mistagged MP3 out there that hit #1 on google for "Primus Jesus Built my Hotrod" that is in fact the Ministry version.

Amazing assault on the senses...

I'll try to gin up something youtube compliant for a triple play.
unMuse said…

Ack. Yeah I mistyped. I was looking through my Primus directory and typing at the same time.

Thanks for catching that for me!
Satorical said…
unMuse said…
winona's big brown beaver - primus
pussy control - prince
my vagina - NOFX
(extra credit?)
New Vagina - Bloodhound Gang

(re previous comment: I got distracted with vaginas and jesus. it happens)
Hex said…
Jersey -- Oh yeah, plenty of those out there. I can think of 2 or 3 songs on my iPod right now with that title (although my fave would have to be the Sevendust version)

unMuse -- Morrison was so wasted when they recorded that. I know people love it but I always feel a little bad for the guy. Know when to say when, bro.. (oh, too late).

There's a great funny band out of Arizona called Psychostick that also has a "Beer Song" and of course classic punkers Ganggreen used to do a great tune called "LDSB" (Let's drink some beer!)

Werdna -- One of my fave songs by those guys, although Stigmata is still at the top of that list (and of course TV Song "Connect the goddamn dots!!")

Unmuse -- Primus has done a ton of cover songs over the years, and they started out with 'Jerry Was a Race Car Driver' -- I can see lots of ways to get those wires crossed. No harm no foul.

Satorical -- Nice "changes" triple play, buddy. Love the Bowie version.

Unmuse -- How could you leave out Sheena Easton's "My Sugar Walls" from that list -- especially after you included Prince, the dude who put the idea into her head (or Gine, depending on how you think of it)?
unMuse said…
hex - i actually don't have sheena e's song on my itunes so it didn't even cross my mind until I read your comment.

by the way, I almost included the Consolidated/Yeastie Girls song "You Suck", but I figured 4 pussy related songs were enough. :-)
wigsf said…
fuck, making me work today. Screw you! I just made myself an mp3 disc of all "screw you" songs and now I can't think of any.
Adam said…
Rainy Days and Mondays - The Carpenters
Nine Million Rainy Days - The Jesus and Mary Chain
Ballet for a Rainy Day - XTC
Rainy Night in Soho - The Pogues

(rain, obviously as well as day)
Werdna said…
Let it Bleed- rolling stones

I bleed- Pixies

Bleed Together- Soundgarden

From the brain, backed up via youtube.
Werdna said…
Run DMC- Take the Money and Run

Rush- The Big Money

Living Colour- Money Talks
Werdna said…
Love the changes triple... That Sugar album is underrated.
Werdna said…
Slightly Mangled:

Peter Gunn Theme- Art of Noise

Looking down the barrel of a gun- Beastie Boys (always loved the Floyd Bell sample in this).

Guns of Brixton- The clash

That one was itunes fueled.

So I've covered the work week- blood, money and guns. ;)
Amanda said…
All I Really Want - Alanis Morisette
All I Want - Bobby McFerrin
All I Want - Toad the Wet Sprocket

Bodies - Drowning Pool
Bodies - Soul Minor's Daughter
Body Baby - Pharoahe Monch

If I Can Help Somebody - Mahalia Jackson
If I Had $1,000,000 - BNL
If I Had No Loot - Tony! Toni! Tone!

Mother - The Police
That Was Your Mother - Paul Simon
Ya Mama - The Pharcyde
Amanda said…
BTW, there's a DJ here that does what she calls Radio Free Lunch every day from noon to 1. She has a theme and people call in with songs that fit. It is always interesting to see what she comes up with.
Werdna said…
Back for more- because it just occurred to me:

The Waiting: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

The Wait: Killing Joke

The Waiting Room: Fugazi