That's My Jam: Very Necessary

50 years ago. Think about that for a second -- 50. Years. Ago. An album was put out that just essentially changed everything. There have been great albums since, there have been landmark musical moments.
But there has never been another Kind of Blue.
I'm not usually very big on telling people how to live their lives or what they should or shouldn't do, but you really do need to own this.

It's OK if you don't listen to it all the time, especially if you're not a regular listener of jazz. But keep it around. Let it seep into your playlists, hide it in there somewhere. Because there's gonna be a day, or maybe a late night where one of these songs is gonna come on and it's just gonna click.

When you're ready, these grooves will find you. Not to study note-for-note searching for some Rosetta stone (although you certainly can do that with it), but to simply enjoy. To bob your head to. To not worry about the little details and brushstrokes -- but to just take an easy step back and appreciate the picture for what it is.
You really need to have this.

[Listening to:  Paul Gilbert - "Radiator" ]


Werdna said…
Miles Davis changed the face of music many times... but it is hard to front on this album.
wigsf said…
I bought this record having never heard it. It has a reputation as being one of the finest albums ever made.
But this record goes right next to Nevermind, LA Woman, Chronic and Downward Spiral. Just another hugely popular album that seems to have influenced so many people, yet for me, just sits there and does nothing.
I've done the listen to it all at once thing. I've done the slip it into my playlist thing. Nothing. I get no response from this album.
It's not that I don't otherwise listen to jazz, cuz I do, from time to time, throw on some jazz. Other times, listen to jazz within a mix of a bunch of other things, but not this album. This album does nothing.
I can listen to Metal Machine Music more than I can listen to Kind of Blue. At least with MMM, I get something from it. Not entertainment, but something, a visceral thing or something. But a Kind of Blue, I get nothing. No change, no entertainment, no emotional fulfillment, nothing.
If there's anything to get from this record, I ain't gettin' it.