Epic Win, Dixie

Here's my beloved Vandals with an homage to the hottie with the snotkins I saw pushing a cart around the grocery store earlier today.
I think the lyrics pretty much say it all.
Sorry for the lame footage-less video, my only other choice was a live performance version where the camera was (no lie) locked in on ace studio drummer Josh Freese's kick drum pedal for the full duration of the track. Still a kickass song though (and hopefully one that will cheer wigsf up a little, especially after his reaction to my last post).
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm heading back to the store to stock up on ..whatever.

[Listening to:  The Roots (feat. Mercedes Martinez) - "Clock With No Hands" ]


wigsf said…
"An error occurred, please try again later."

Gee... Thanks bro.
wigsf said…
What, Stacy's Mom not good enough for ya?
Hex said…
Wigsf -- Grocery moms made Stacy's Mom look like a hoodrat. That is all.
Werdna said…
The Vandals don't need no instructions on how to rock.

Still sounding pretty good.