Fargin' War

I was working on something. Inspired. Kinda feeling it. I've only been writing sporadically lately, struggling with the words.
Not entirely sure why.
But today, by chance I caught a tiger by the tail and had something going. Not so much a rant, or some article, but something real.. Poetic. Evocative.

Then there was this meeting I couldn't ditch. And this coworker who said he wanted to ask me a question about work, but then turned it into something else. Who did I like in the game, what was I listening to on the headphones?
And just like that, like a pretty girl in a bookstore -- it was gone.
All those words. This whole fantastic groove I was running with..
Like a dream interrupted by an alarm clock that you force closed your eyes and try to recapture, I tried to get it back. Tried to backtrack the themes, the words, the vibe. Replayed the songs I was listening to. Tried to step away and come back, see if I could reset it, like some machine with a glitch.
Couldn't get it. Not yet, at least.
I'm not done fighting, but I think there's a point in the day where you've just got to call it a wash, put it down, and just come back later. I mean, it's all just a part of the game, right?
..fuck that noise.

[Listening to:  Team Sleep - "Ever" ]


wigsf said…
The dreaded writer's cock block.