The Kid Stays In The Picture

My panda puppet, it clappeth.
This is a slice of awesome the likes of which I haven't seen since bear-shark-unicorn-surfing. Honestly, I thought keyboard cat was gonna be my new drug of choice, if only because there are only two episodes of Dragon Half apparently available (I don't usually go in for cutesy anime, but when a show is as purely insane as this one it's hard to resist -- seriously, it's Shin-Chan with explosions).
But then I stumbled across this.
Don't even ask me how, either -- because I don't even really know. I was probably chasing the latest Kanye meme, or clicking mindlessly on some twitter-fed nonsense and just sort of happened across this image.

Of course it's entirely possible that this has been floating around the Intarwebs forever and I'm just the last one to discover it. The net is kinda like that, despite it's predilection to burn through viral memes within mere hours of their relevancy (Chrisbrownsbowtie, anyone?) -- but even with all of the cross-networking going on via Twitter and Facebook these days, there's always gonna be some schmuck who emails you in the middle of the night saying, "You gotta check this out -- it's a page full of hamsters, and get this.. they're dancing!"
So all apologies if you've seen this before, but I'm digging on it.

[Listening to:  Deftones - "Anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event" ]


Satorical said…
That panda is saying HOW YA LIKE ME NOW?
JerseySjov said…
haha i just posted something on facebook about the kanye meme.

whenever my friends ask me how i find the most ridiculous things on the internet i tell them its because i read blogs.
Frank said…