Friendship Bracelet

Some things aren't meant to last.
They're started in earnest, created with care, and tied at the ends tightly with a knot. But materials are fragile. And time forgives nothing.
She made this for me. Just a little something.
It's not like I haven't had bracelets like this before. They used to pass these things out like candy when I was younger. All of them eventually fading, wearing thin, breaking at the roots, revealing the weakness in the binds that was there all along, even if the person wearing it didn't want to see.

I think when she made it she figured it would eventually break. Just like all the others she's made me that I've worn until they've given in to the elements and fallen away.
But this, this has held on.
At times I'm not even sure why. You'd think after all the miles and distance and rain, the colors would fade. The knot would slip. The threads would break down like conversations about nothing, spiraling quietly into uncomfortable silences on the phone -- making it seem all too often that you're further apart than you actually are.
But it's still here.
I get tied up in little things sometimes. I think I see messages in the crosshatches, want to find meanings in the threads that fly away off the edges, daring to be pulled to the risk of unraveling everything that's connected to them.
But then I look at my wrist.
..And I know.

[Listening to:  D'Angelo - "Lady" ]