Baboons on the Road

A team of anthropologists went to the deepest regions of the Amazon to study primitive cultures. Upon arriving in the tribe's village, they heard the constant sound of drums far off in the jungle.

When they asked a tribesman about the drums, he replied "That's our enemy who live deep in the jungle. You must pray to your God that the sound of the drums never, EVER ceases. It's very, very bad if they do."
A few days later, in the middle of the night -- the drums stopped.
The tribal villagers started freaking out, running around, screaming in holy terror. The anthropologist found the tribesman he'd asked about the drums prostrating himself on the ground, shrieking entreaties to the heavens for deliverance.
"THE DRUMS HAVE STOPPED!!! OH GOD, WHAT HAPPENS NOW?!" the anthropologist screamed.
The tribesman looked up at the anthropologist, his skin pale with fear, his eyes huge and watering..

[Listening to:  Erykah Badu (feat. Roy Hargrove) - "Think Twice" ]


JerseySjov said…
haha! ive heard that one before; it gets me every time.
adynaton said…
<clap type="golf">Ha from the bass player</clap>
Werdna said…
As a bass player, bass solos are the worst. Nobody really wants to hear them. A break down or a quick 1-2 bar lick or riff can be fine. But bass solos are about the same as accordion solos, they are the devil's work.