Girls On the Floor

Textin' me a 100 times, callin' me a 100 times..

[Listening to:  American Head Charge - "Walk Away" ]


wigsf said…
I credit that song and specifically that clip from Tom & Jerry for any and all appreciation I have for swing, jive, jazz, old school rhythm and blues or whatever you wanna call that sort of stuff.

I forget which one it was, either Hanna or Barbera who sang those vocals in that episode, but I would kill scores of people to get a CD of jive sung by that voice.
wigsf said…
I don't think you understand how much that clip means to me. Maybe it's sad to have such an important moment of my life be a Tom & Jerry cartoon, but that cartoon is up there with the first time I saw boobs as significant life changing moments.
Hex said…
I'm totally with you. Searching for this tune turned me onto Louis Jordan (the original artist) and opened up a lot of doors for me to music of that time that I have since grown to love.

There's no official record (that I know of) saying who sung the version from the cartoon -- but most sources say that it's Fred Quimby, who produced most of Hanna Barbera's early work as well as the MGM stuff Tex Avery is so famous for.

"Solid Serinade" -- the short that this clip comes from is one of my all-time favorite cartoons.

Suffice to say, Tom cat is the original G.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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