If You're Havin' Girl Problems I Feel Bad For You Son

So yeah.. he's still here.
I'm starting to get the feeling my landlords are getting a kick out of this. That once I step out of their offices after explaining yet again that "There's a squirrel in my apartment" they just look at each other for a few seconds before erupting into a snicker-filled fit of laughter at my expense.

Sure they say they've called the pest control guy, and there are little notes left on my counter saying that bait/poison has been strategically placed for the little guy to choke on --
But day in and day out, he's still there.
And it's not just that he's in the place. It's that he's like right in my face about it -- literally. The other morning I woke up on the couch to find him sniffing at my outstretched hand.
Leave it to me to get the Hova of the squirrel set.
We'll see how smart you are when the K9 come..

[Listening to:  Down - "Nothing in Return" ]


unMuse said…
I'd offer you Isis, but umm.. you'd have to remove your kitties, too. The only thing she likes to try to eat more than squirrels is cats.
The Kaiser said…
Damn our lack of teleporters. Pavlov and Curie are good with cats, and have a proven rodent-murdering record (although I'd suggest removing all breakable items from your apartment prior to releasing the hounds). Sadly I don't think they would enjoy the 8 hours in a kennel in the belly of a plane.
JerseySjov said…
he just wants to be friends!
Satorical said…
Look out, Hex is making vid.
Hex said…
unMuse -- I'm staring to think my cats are stoners. That when I leave for the day, they get into some hidden stash of catnip, put on my Zeppelin CD's, and then sort of stare at each other and say things like,

"Dude, I think there's a squirrel in here"
"Oh wow, You see it too?

Kaiser -- Considering the current state of our justice system, I think we'd be better off setting up some sort of "Double Indemnity"-type arrangement to protect your pups from persecution. How about your dogs murder my squirrel, and my cats come over and shed all over your furniture. It's the perfect crime!

Jersey -- Usually my friends don't pee all over the place while they're trying to get to know me (well, ok -- Gristina, maybe).

Satorical -- The way I figure it, I do a couple rodent clips, and then parlay it into directing features. Watch out, McG!
Werdna said…
Regarding cats:

Do they just lay there and ask about the equalizer?

Pretty good sign they are laying around listening to Zeppelin. Do they leave 10 years gone in there?

Re: your accusations about urine

nicturation? Moi? No that is usually for targets of my ire, if your place got any it was just splash damage.