Not a Creature Was Stirring

Squirrel-gate is officially done.
Last night when I got home from the club, the little guy was once again in the middle of my living room floor. It's just this time he was curled up in a little ball, not doing so well. I got a shoebox, lined it with an old sweater, and put him in there.
By morning it was over.
Thankfully my son was is spending the weekend with his mother and didn't have to see any of it, but that didn't make me feel like any less of a Christmastime jerk.

I mean, what had to be done was done -- he'd been showing up and leaving behind little calling cards for almost two months now with little or no signs that he ever was going to go away or stop -- but it still kinda sucked to find him there like that.

All that being said, now that I look back on this whole bizarre episode, it's pretty clear that even though my place at the top of this particular food chain has finally been re-established --
..Little fucker still got the last laugh, didn't he?

[Listening to:  Bullet for My Valentine - "4 Words (To Choke Upon)" ]


wigsf said…
I don't know if you're a religious man, but if I was you, I would have a person of the cloth perform a blessing on your home. It's bad hoodoo to have a squirrel pass away in your living room.
Werdna said…
Is your complex a pet cemetery??

Yeah, I'd say you change the characters and you have your basic great greek tragedy plot. Man vs. nature- even when man thinks he has victory, nature wins.
Bef from OHN said…
So I come over to drool oops I mean read your blog and I see this post about a squirrel in your apartment. Let me tell you it's better than having bats in your house. Yea I said bats.

One time it was me (all almost 5'2" of me) with a broom vs. the bat at 1 in the dang morning mind you. Yea I won that battle. But his homies came a few months later to mess with me again.

I hated that house! It was like wild kingdom, bats, cats, dogs would find their way into my house. Cats & dogs would get in my basement and the bats would come in from God knows where.

I finally moved!
Melissa said…
R.I.P. Mr. Nutty