You Guys Can Keep a Secret, Right?

My son is coming by in a few hours to have Christmas at my place. Unexpected money troubles mean it's not going to be a very big year present-wise, but that's not really what it's supposed to be about, despite everything you hear. It's more about making sure that the people you love know that you care.
Anyway, here's what he's getting:
..Think he'll like it?

[Listening to:  Chimera - "Down Again" ]


Hex said…
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Anonymous said…
Thats a great gift
Bef from OHN said…
awww he is the cutest little thing! puppies are always a hit at Christmas. If he doesn't want him ship him to me lol...I love dog might get mad but whatever I pay the mortgage around here lol. Merry Christmas!
Werdna said…
Does it eat cats and squirrels?
Mrs. Cowan said…
I hope he liked his gift :)

Merry Christmas!
Dani said…
aw that's so f cute! Curren will love him :))
x dani
Amanda said…
Hope you got a crate. And hope he doesn't dig up your carpet or eat the wood casings off your windows. We learned the crate lesson the hard way with a beagle. Have fun!
JerseySjov said…
oh, so cute!
im sure your son will love him!
Shanell said…
Yeah I had a beagle as well invest in MANY CHEW TOYS!! other wise the wood around your house becomes a chew toy But he is mad cute ( wait is it a bitch?)
Melissa said…
Awwwwww. What's his/her name?
Hex said…
Hex -- thanks, me.

Anon -- My son's eyes lit up when he saw it. Mission Accomplished.

Bef -- It's the first dog my son and I have ever owned (my parents had them growing up), and it's a bit of a challenge, but it's been really cool to see my little one playing with the pup.

Werdna -- The cats aren't hearing that mess, and the squirrel is now one with the Force, but everything else in the house is apparently fair game.

Ms. Cowan -- He loved it, thanks!

Dani -- It's the floppy ears, how can you not love the floppy ears?

Amanda -- He's been a handful, especially for an apartment -- but the training continues. Hopefully soon we'll reach a happy medium.

Jersey -- Thanks, girl :)

Shanell -- Thus far he's chewed on anything that isn't locked down. He eats pillows. Who does that!?

Melissa -- We're calling him "Tripper"
LaFcuk said…
A friend of mine has a lab, to date she has eaten [yes eaten] pillows, blankets, curtains, and her leather chair. I would have murdered that cute ass lab!!
The Kaiser said…
I'm way late to this party, but I second the crate thing. In my experience it helps the dog stay calm and get good sleep, as well as giving you a good way of making them calm down (because so many methods of correction are just exciting to a puppy). If you're having chewing issues go get some bitter apple spray, at least for electrical cords and such that are actually dangerous if chewed,
We got a lot of our dog-raising advice from a book, "Great Dogs, Good Owners", Brian Kilcommon. The layout/photos/everything are cheesy as hell, and I've never been able to make the leash corrections he describes work well, but that aside he has a lot of good advice about scheduling and training.
Hex said…
LaFcuk -- Yeah, he's chewing on most things that aren't nailed down. I figured it's gonna get worse before it gets better, but he's still nice to have around.

Kaiser -- got the crate finally, gonna start getting focused on the conditioning in a different direction than what wasn't working before. Thanks for the suggestions!