Actually Spoken During the Course of My Day

Me: Hey, check it out -- the mall cop left his Segway unattended over there -- Imma go steal it.

He: No dad, you can't. Stealing is wrong.

Me: Come on, I'm not gonna steal steal it -- I'm just gonna you know, ride it around a little bit.

He: I said no.
Me (under my breath): ..You ain't the boss of me.

[Listening to:  88 Keys - "Another Victim" ]


whatigotsofar said…
Who taught him right and wrong? Eh?

Hex said…
wigsf -- I'm telling you, the man's holding me down.
JerseySjov said…
well...i guess one of you needs to be a moral compass for the other.
Bef said…

Now if he were a teenager...that would have been a totally different conversation. probably more along the lines of so this is how WE got arrested at the mall lol.... cause teenagers ain't shyt!
Hex said…
Jersey -- I actually love that he's like that, and will occasionally pull stuff like this just to tease it out of him (although I really wanted to jimmyjack that Segway) -- but I keep thinking that when his teenage rebellion years finally hit things like this won't be quite as funny in hindsight.

Bef -- I'm not sure I'll ever be ready for his teenage days. He's such a sweet hearted kid that the eventual day when he starts bowing up is gonna be a shock. Not sure how you manage it. lol.
blamemyrobot said…
awww...he has a moral compass that is probably more evolved than his dad's...awww.

PS. 88 Keys is some good shit! Good music!