Best Thing I Saw This Weekend

What, you mean besides an NFL playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals featuring 90 points of offense and a heart-stopper of a finish in overtime?
Winner (hands down): The growing bond between a boy and his dog.
I like the puppy a lot. He's brutally cute, an attention hog, and a (natch) lot more reactive to calls and invitations to play than the cats will ever be. But he's also really aggro about everything. He eats with desperation. He pees like the world is about to end. He's sort of like an over-eager Twilight fan. I'm not saying I don't like him, I'm saying sometimes he tries too hard. For my money, the cats are much more laid back and cool about things.
..But for a 9 year old with seemingly endless energy? -- Yeah, they get along great.
Runners up (in no particular order):
  • The Bra Color of Nearly Every Woman I Know -- Honestly, that's how sexy is done. Why? Because it wasn't about trying to be sexy, about hanging it all out there. I mean yeah, I like that too sometimes -- but when you get right down to it, there is nothing more disarming than when a woman is being direct and comfortable about who she is. And for about two days on Facebook, even though it was actually all in the name of a good cause and really didn't have anything really to do with all the baffled guys watching their timeline fill up with a literal rainbow of information, it was still very cool to see.

  • Innocent Venus -- On the recommendation of a dear friend, I downloaded this anime series and started digging into it over the past few days. I've only had a chance to see a few episodes so far -- but when you come out of the gate with robot assisted battle armor and mechas blowing each other to bits, it's a sure bet I'm gonna hang around to see the rest.

  • The Lorax (Grindhouse Version) -- One of the things that continually brings new visitors to this site are google searches for The Truax, which is a children's story written as a rebuttal by the logging industry in response to Dr. Seuss's book The Lorax -- which I wrote an article (partially) about a few years back. Perhaps that's why I got such a laugh out of this little video, which I stumbled across Saturday afternoon.

  • Andrahilde's Sketches of Grown-up Cartoon Kids -- I was tipped off to these from a tumblr blog I keep tabs on, but once I found the deviantART page they came from, I found myself kinda fascinated not only by the particular artists style -- but by the interesting interpretations of what many of the cartoon world's kids would look like as they grew towards adulthood.


    Perhaps because I loved the show, The Billy and Mandy one was my initial favorite -- but the Ed, Edd, and Eddy (one of my son's absolute favorite shows) one suggesting that you might be able to take a Kanker out of a trailer park, but you'll never really get the trailer park out of them -- is the one that (at least to me) tells the richest story (which in the end, is what I want my art to do for me).
I don't know -- it wasn't really that bad a weekend at all. These certainly weren't the only cool things I saw over the last couple of days -- but I felt they were cool enough to share. Who knows, maybe we'll do this again next week.
So, what were some of the cooler things you saw this weekend?

[Listening to:  Aaliyah - "Hot Like Fire" ]


Anonymous said…
Yeah I epic failed at the bra-color thing the 1st two times then corrected it for the 3rd time. Bawse.

Your son is the perfect age for a puppy. They'll grow together!

I was entrenched in bridesmaid events this weekend and I can't honestly say I saw anything cool.

Are you listening to the album version of Hot Like Fire or the crunk single/video version?

Bef said…
Let's see...I saw how cool my eyelids were on Friday. I slept most of the day. Oh and I allowed the boy to stay out past curfew (midnight bowling)...and didn't panic guess I'm growing up as a parent...

Saturday I started my personal blog (side eyes your blogroll) so I guess that was a good/cool thing.

Sunday I think I had a heart attack fucking around with the cardinals and the packers game...I'm not even a real fan of either team but Lawd that game stressed me...

And your son is too cute!
JerseySjov said…
your son has the same little smile that you do!

when that bra color thing first started i wasn't wearing one, and by the time i got around to putting on a cute one [meaning pretty colors and lacy as opposed to plain black or grey] no one was doing it anymore.

i was in nj this weekend so i didn't see anything too interesting, but this coming weekend promises to be a good time.
wigsf said…
9 yr old boy + puppy dog = friends 4 life

most cool thing I saw this weekend was John Travolta get shot in the chest, wasn't enough to save a bad movie from sucking, but it was definitely appropriate
or maybe it was seeing my brother playing Gauntlet, cuz you know, Gauntlet.
Adam said…
I managed to catch that football game. I was up until after 1.00am, but it was worth being tired Monday morning. Wow.

Other than that, I got to walk around Covent Garden while it was snowing and later on that night saw Phil Jupitus (you may know him from Never Mind the Buzzcocks, maybe?) eating dinner at Pizza Express.
Hex said…
Gem -- The album version. It's the only one Pandora throws at me, but it's still pretty good.

So am I to take it that Bridesmaid events (regardless of how happy you are for the bride to be) still suck?

Bef -- I'm with you. Besides the FSU connection with Arizona, I had zero rooting interest in the game -- but as the points racked up, it was impossible not to get swept up into it.

My blogroll needs serious gardening. It's been neglected for a while. We'll get your new page in there :)

Jersey -- I wasn't wearing a bra when it all happened either.

Wigsf -- For some reason I thought you were talking about Travolta's new movie, which hasn't even come out yet. But then I figured it out. Have you seen the original version of The Taking of Pelham 123 from the '70s? It's dated to be sure, but a lot more fun. Fun fact, horror movie director John Carpenter was an AD on that one.

Adam -- I wish we'd get a little snow. I know it gets to be a hassle when you get tons of it, but winter's here all too frequently feel like fake plastic trees.
wigsf said…
no, haven't seen it, didn't know it existed until the new one came out
LaFcuk said…
The bra thing became disturbing when my brother posted a color. He chose salmon at that.