The Church of the Good Hustle

A quick note about the lack of updates this week -- you know that cute puppy I got for my son's Christmas present, the one everyone has been falling in love with because he's sooo adorable?
Little fucker ate the power cable for my laptop.
So once the battery gave out, I was basically without a computer at home -- all while getting slammed with project crap at work. It was one of those sobering moments where I was reminded just how tethered I am to my gadgets and technology, because without the laptop I was essentially shut down. By the time everything was all said and done -- there just wasn't the time or opportunity to really post much of anything this week.

Anyways, there's a storm sitting on top of Jacksonville right now, dark gray skies and spider lightning crossing the sky. The rain sounds nice when you're inside, but the songs on the radio keep cutting out every few minutes with warnings about tornadoes and hail.
Just been one of those weeks.
But like all storms, this one too shall pass. The sun will eventually knife through the clouds and we'll all start again.
So until then -- here's one in honor of the man and the day gone by.
No doubt, dudes game was tight.

[Listening to:  Run DMC - "Down With the King" ]


And THAT is why I don't do dogs!! LOL So glad you're back up and running.
The Kaiser said…
I use some stuff called "Fooey" on out power cords/furniture/etc. The stuff apparently tastes disgusting, so when they go to start chewing your shit they get a mouthful of bitter and leave your crap alone.
Also, if you don't already, have LOTS of crap around that they CAN chew on. I've found pig hooves are usually a favorite with puppies, and you can also get stuff like rib bones and pieces of femur which will last a long time and give them some variety.
wigsf said…
Dr King is a person who is very recognizable. His image is often used to in montages of the sixties and stuff like that. He is always portrayed in photos leading a march or giving a speech or something along those lines. Photos I see of Dr King always show him as a leader. It's nice to see him as, you know, a guy.
Bef said…
I swear he looks like a lemur in that picture...the doggie that

Glad you are back up and running... *sad puppy dog eyes* don't forget my special project I asked about...I'm such a brat lol
JerseySjov said…
that's why cats are superior- other than occasionally sitting on my keyboard when i'm trying to work on a paper they leave my technology alone.

i've always liked dr mlk jr bc of his work during the movement, but also because i always get a 3-day weekend for my birthday.
Hex said…
Chocl8t -- I'm glad to be back too, but that dog is getting on my last nerve..

Kaiser -- sounds great. I'll check it out. He's got tons of chew toys, but he tends to move on from them when he wants more attention. Brat.

wigsf -- It's one of my favorite photos of him. His life story outside of his accomplishments is hard to come by, but it's filled with fascinating stuff.

Bef -- it's in the works, no worries.

Jersey -- Having this puppy has made me appreciate my cats so much more. Their assembled coolness simply cannot be matched.
Anonymous said…
Gotta love puppies! Mine once chewed thru 3 extension cords in 1 day!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Coolest pic ever of MLK.