A Comprehensive Review of My Feelings About the Apple iPad

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Anonymous said…
I'm on dial-up with no sound so I didn't bother to run the clip. But I take it from the title of the video that I still got the jist of your message.
Kudos sir, kudos.
Monster said…
Maybe you can! Who knows? Who knows ANYTHING ABOUT IT? NOBODY YET.

Seriously baffled at stuff like Disney's stock price going up and the YouTube videos of possible GUIs on a device that we KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.
Anonymous said…
haha! nice one!

ppl make waaaay too big of deal just thru speculations with regards to apple products
unMuse said…
I happen to love it. I followed the live blogging through gdgt and I'm super impressed - even at the price.

(and yes, I had an Applegasm)
Heff said…
It's my opinion that given time, YOU CAN FUCK ANYTHING.
Hex said…
wigsf -- iAppreciate it.

Monster -- so what you're saying is that it's not so much a new paradigm in personal computing as much as it's just a fancy History Eraser Button?


Blamemyrobot -- iThanks you.

unMuse -- I'm sure it's fancy in it's own way, especially if you're already in a home or business with other Apple products, but if this article is to be believed -- it seems like it's actually pretty limited in what it's capable of?


Heff -- The fact that you're something of a gardener makes that statement seem all the more horrifying.
The Kaiser said…
As with the iPhone, I think a lot of what this device potentially has to offer is going to be essentially in software. That said, I think it's definitely evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

Also, I think this is a stepping stone to getting everyone used to the touch interface outside of the context of phones. I can't wait until my Macbook Pro is just a seamless slab of sexy touchscreen and aluminum.
The Kaiser said…