Twitterpimpin' Aint Easy

People ask me why I like Twitter so much. Usually my answer has to do with my original reason for signing up, which was about keeping on track with the latest webtrain that could help bring new readers to this blog -- but honestly, it's such a nuthouse in there half the time that it's hard not to want to hang out and play.
All that being said -- yesterday was nuts.
Not that it wasn't fun, or that I wasn't in there helping to stir the pot, but lets just say that despite all the times I've had the distinct honor of having my work posted over at OHN -- the thought that I might end up in one of my boy Slaus' comic strips might mean a whole other kind of notoriety that I'm not quite as prepared for, knammsayin?
Seriously, you think you hate Mondays now?
You ain't seen nothin' yet.

[Listening to: De La Soul - "View" ]


rainbowlens said…

Can't wait to see the Hex strip.

Bef, get your mind out the gutter!


Bef from OHN said…
@ Gem...heffa if we wasn't at Hex's place I'd e-stab you...but I don't want to get blood on the floor!!!!

And Hex you ain't shyt for Twitterpimpin ain't easy lmao
carmool said…
Twitter pimpin tho?? iCant Uber nutz