Where in The World is Carmen Stanky Leg-o?

Just wait, somewhere next year this guy will star in a movie where some rich white girl ballet dancer asks him to show her how to dance just like this, which empowers her to finally stand up to her draconian parents and tell them that she won't be attending Harvard like they've been demanding for her to do since she was a little girl. Instead, she'll go back to Iceland with him to share their newly-found love and inspire the world with their dance moves.

-- via Filmdrunk.
..Then they get eaten by Narwhals, or something.

[Listening to:  Teddy Pendergrass - "The Love I Lost" ]


The Kaiser said…
I think this is some sort of Iceland Tourism Board material. Y'know, show us the natural beauty of their country while also showing Americans that its safe to act like a freak.

"Come to Iceland! Give us your eyes!"
Bef said…
I stopped listening to Maxwell to watch this video for 1 minute and 16 seconds...Hex you owe me that time back...I watched it that long to see if the booty doo was going to be done...I was disappointed.....NOT

How do you do the stanky leg off beat though?

That's what I need to know.
Anonymous said…
I'm watching this on silent at work as I fail at trying not to laugh.

Got dammit Hex.

P.S. Narwhals are bawse.
wigsf said…
See, this is why all rappers need to die and hip-hop needs to be removed from history books. The harm is does so far outweighs any theoretical benefits.
JerseySjov said…
honestly, i'd probably watch that movie.
Hex said…
Kaiser -- It is a beautiful country, some of the waterfalls that guy was clownin' in front of were breathtaking -- but I stand by my original demand, which is that if I ever decide to visit Iceland, Bjork better be there to show me around or I'm getting right back on the plane and going back home.

Bef -- That whole off-beat thing has something to do I think with how far north of the equator he is. If you notice, his leg is stanky-ing counterclockwise, too.

Gem -- A good hunk of the web is trying lately to make Narwhals happen. Not really sure why, but it's better than Perez Hilton -- so I say go for it.

wigsf -- That's all you, bro. I know it's 180 degrees from your normal taste, but there really is some good stuff out there worth checking out (the stanky leg is not among that list, but you get what I'm saying).

Jersey -- Girl, one day you're going to be starring in that movie.