Actually Spoken During the Course of My Day: Puppy Poop Patrol Edition

Aww dammit, not again!
-- And on the shelf too!?
..Wait a minute, the shelf!?
How did..
..How did you even?

[Listening to:  Paper Tongues - "One More Mile" ]


blamemyrobot said…
Clever pup!
Satorical said…
I'm sure even the cats are looking at him at this point like "You're an idiot."
Narm said…
That is pretty damn impressive. I found cat shit in a drawer one time - so the fucker shat and then CLOSED the drawer. That is why I don't own any cats myself.
Bef said…
ok I'm trying to far from the ground is the shelf?

you got a magical puppy or something?

Hex said…
blamamyrobot -- Clever is not the word I'd use. In fact, of all the words I've used when finding his little baked good gifts, clever never entered my mind. lol.

Satorical -- Whenever I put him in the kennel I got to help with housetraining, one of the cats always saunters over there and looks at him through the cage bars, just taunting him.. so beautifully evil.

Narm -- One of my cats (a female) once tried to poop on a date I brought home. Had I not seen what she was trying to do, it probably would have ruined the whole evening.

Jealous heffa.

Bef -- I have this little bedside table/dresser thing with two shelves underneath. He was able to land something on the upper shelf.

I have no idea how he did it.

He does tend to circle and helicopter when he's doing his thing, so right now all I can figure is that he spun around really quickly and sort of flung it up there, like a shot-put or something.
JerseySjov said…
our cats tease my roommate's kenneled dog when she brings them to her house! cheeky monkeys.

that's pretty impressive that the dog pooped on the upper shelf. imagining the physics of the act is a bit too much for me. i'm snickering away by myself in the living room and need to stop before someone else comes home.
whatigotsofar said…
a) the dog flew up there
b) the dog climbed up there
c) the dog threw it up there
d) the dog is in cahoots with the squirrel you thought was dead and the two of them are working together to drive you completely insane