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Hex said…
This has been the picture on the desktop of my work computer for a while. I'm feeling all kinds of restless, so it will probably get changed today -- but it's still worth a share.
JerseySjov said…
this made me think of you:
Heff said…
Bef said…

One day I'm in an art store with my niece. She's only 8 yrs younger than me...allot of folks look at me real crazy when they realize how much time I spend with that crazy woman. We grew up together. We're more like sisters than Aunt and Niece.

Anyway, we're in this art store and there was this painting of some type of landscape...so she's like that looks like something Bob Ross would do...I'm like it really does then we both said but it's missing the happy little tree.

now I'll be giggling at the happy little tree comment for the rest of the night
blamemyrobot said…
There should be a happy tree in that Slayer picture