Dyslexic Blasphemy

So the other day I was at a doctor's office filling out paperwork -- and I happened to glance over at the little table next to the chair I'm sitting in and caught sight of this:
And I swear to Stacy Dash -- the very first thought that jumped into my mind was:
"Ronnie James Dio wrote a book?"

[Listening to:  Peeping Tom (feat. Amon Tobin) - "Don't Even Trip" ]


Hex said…
ps -- Count me as one of the people who actually felt angry when Dio replaced Ozzy in Black Sabbath, even though a few years later I realized just how silly getting mad over something like that really is. A fact that is compounded by the fact that I was a HUGE fan of Dio's solo work, especially the albums he did with guitarist Vivian Campbell (who played on this track).

The amazing thing is that Dio was 41 years old when this video was made. He's almost 70 now, and only recently stopped touring. And unlike Ozzy, you can understand what he says when he talks.
Heff said…
A Giddeons Bible ? The first thing that came to my mind was "Which sleazy motel did that doctor steal a Giddeons Bible from ? "

HUGE fan of RJD here. If you never heard that last Black Sabbath (er.... I mean "Heaven And Hell") album released about a year ago, GET IT NOW !!!
Hex said…
Heff -- Just imagine how better the world would be if every time you opened a dresser drawer at a Holiday Inn a free copy of "Holy Diver" was staring back at you?
Heff said…
WhatIGotSoFar said…
Did I ever tell you the secret to listening to Holy Diver if all you have is the CD? Copy it to a cassette, an old, rotting cassette. Then listen to it on an old ghetto blaster with shot speakers. Gets a real drrrty sound on that guitar tone and it drops Dio's voice a bit.
I didn't think of doing that, just sort of happened by accident, but dude. It makes going in to work on a saturday doable.
Hex said…
WIGSF -- Sounds like a plan to me. As far as I'm concerned, a daily dose of Dio is part of a healthy, balanced, diet.
You swear to Stacey Dash? Really?

Tee hee.