-- Suggestive, but SFW
..Honestly, it's like these R&B guys aren't even trying anymore.

[Listening to:  Deftones - "Rocket Skates" ]


Hex said…
The real shame of all this is just how catchy the tune is. Not the kind of thing you want to be caught absently singing to yourself while you're waiting in line or standing in an elevator, knammsayin?

That, and the fact I may never look at couples walking out of Red Lobster the same way ever again.

All that being said, Girl in the video could get it.
Satorical said…
The bib makes it.
Bef said…
I swear I hate you for this!!!


and I'm still hollering!
LMAO! Her facial expressions were priceless. Like boy get away from me! smh
Heff said…
"I wanna brown my meat" ?

LiLu said…
This will be in my head allllllll day.

I don't know whether to thank you or slap you.

Adam Bernard said…
"If you get drunk it'll feel alright." ROTFL! Sadly, it sounds VERY similar to most R. Kelly songs.
Anonymous said…
Butt sex??? Like that chick would even feel his tiny asian noodle in her.