We Don't Need No Stinking Badgers

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Bef said…
I will not laugh at this!

yes I will

Anonymous said…
I understand that it was a movie and that Al was playing a part but all of that is irrelevant. To see "Weird" Al's dumbfounded response to Raoul's Wild Kingdom is proof that what was shown was the craziest, zaniest piece of gobbledeegoock in existence.
Sure, UHF was a cheesy, silly, little film. But it did what it was supposed to do: entertain people who like to be entertained with crazy and zany antics. And there is nothing crazier and zanier than a grown man throwing dogs out of an apartment window all the while claiming that this will teach the dogs to fly. Then, to take that man, who appears to love animals just doesn't quite know how to show it, and give that man a line. Some sort of invisible boundary that he won't cross is possibly the silliest thing of all.
I was a child the first time I saw UHF. I had never seen Sierra Madre nor did I have any knowledge of the film. (The Bogart hitting up Bugs Bunny routine didn't make sense to me either yet. Now having seen the original film, it all makes sense to me.) I laughed and was entertained by the concept that Raoul would reject an animal, and reject it with conviction.
Now, I've seen the Treasure of the Sierra Madre and I accept the face-value of the joke. It's a play on "We don't need stinkin' badges!" And that just makes the joke funnier. It's two jokes for the price of one.
Satorical said…
That is hilarious