You Don't Bring Me Flowers, You Don't Sing Me Love Songs

I love pictures that suggest a story.
Images that come with a subtext, photographs of moments frozen in time. They're fascinating for me because everyone you ask always comes up with a uniquely different storyline to go along with them. So what might appear to one person as a pure moment of bliss might just seem to someone else as a reflection back on what it's like when even the closest of connections start to become distracted by the virtual distance created by the world all around.
It all depends on what the person looking at the picture brings with them.
The unique lenses that they see through when they're looking at something.
All that being said -- no matter what story might come to my mind when I look a this picture -- there's really no way to avoid the fact it's still kinda hot.
So, What do you see?

[Listening to:  Erykah Badu - "Gone Baby, Don't Be Long" ]


Satorical said…
I see a laptop I never wanna borrow.