The Final Countdown

If you spend any time around my Twitter or Facebook, then you've probably noticed the messages counting down the days -- all leading to the celebration of my dear friend Beth's birfday.
Well the day is finally upon us, and apparently I'm the present.
Feel free to head on over to OHN to join in the fun and offer your own well wishes.
Be warned though, they've apparently got me signed up for some pretty crazy stuff, lol.
Lordy, Lordy -- look who's ..wait, what's this ish with the bows!?

[Listening to:  Children of Bodom - "If You Want Peace, Prepare For War" ]


Heff said…
I can't stop feeding your fish long enough.
Bef said…
you are so awesome for this!!!!

*adding this to my list*
Anonymous said…
Next time you say you're the present, you damn well better be wearing nothing but a bow and a smile.