Return to Forever

Somebody get my agent on the phone, because I've got a script they're gonna love. It's called "Corporate Hot Tub Time Machine" -- and it's the true life story of my Monday. That's right gang -- time to break out all those old jokes about Michael Jackson and fire up the KLSX webpage with the live streamcast of the Adam Carolla Show because apparently we're living in the past today. Not only did I show up at the crack of hell to be at a meeting that lasted all of two friggin' minutes, but once that was over I was pulled aside for a closed-door discussion about the company dress code.
Sure thing, helpful coworker. Let me just write that down..

[Listening to:  Bloodhound Gang - "Yummy Down On This" ]


Satorical said…
Nice to know your new boss focuses on what's important. Mother of fuck. Sorry about that.
whatigotsofar said…
Were you wearing your "KILL WHITEY" t-shirt to work again?
JerseySjov said…
dress code infractions! you bad boy!
unMuse said…
what is the dress code exactly? Because if there's a way to manipulate it and make everyone uncomfortable in that buttcrack of dawn meeting while sticking to it, that's what I'd be doing.

The best ones are the ones that have different standards for women and men. Wear a cleavage shirt. and open toed sandals.

ps. I'm sorry for your freedom loss.

(the word verification is "godation". I feel that's somehow appropriate.)
Bef said…
dress code? seriously?

that sucks monkey balls...
Hex said…
Satorical -- Second verse same as the first.

WIGSF -- Check back with me on Tuesday.

Jersey -- If you only knew, girl. If you only knew.

unMuse -- The words were (as they always are) "Business Casual" -- but the impression that I get is that it's my managers way of saying "Dress like me."

Bef -- Clearly it's my lack of khaki pants that's holding me back from getting into upper management.
The Kaiser said…
I worked at a place with a "business casual" dress code once. About half of the employee handbook was regulations on what kind of fucking belts you were allowed to wear.

I once got a disciplinary meeting and a note on my permanent record at that place because I was wearing a coat that somebody decided they didn't like.

My little revenge was to wear a suit and tie on Casual Friday, which was actually defined in the employee handbook as a day when the dress code did not apply so long as you stayed within the (strictly and explicitly defined) boundaries of good taste.
Werdna said…
Middle management is khaki's and polos. Upper management is slacks and button ups or suits.

If you're going to play with the man, might as well know the rules.

Sorry for your loss of freedom. I'd almost prefer to go straight to button ups/suits- I mean if you are going to dress in a uniform/up- might as well look badass.