Sunday Shred: A Birthday Surprise

A while back my dear friend Beth hit me up on Formspring (during the week that I had it) and asked if I would come up with a song on guitar to play for her upcoming birthday. Seemed a simple enough request, one that I was happy to take on -- but then the challenge was to figure out what the best thing to come up with would be. Eventually though I came up with something I'm hoping she'll really like.

Apologies for the less than ideal sound quality, the guitar face, this video not being on YouTube (not much I could do about that, Prince Warner/BMG is a pain about people posting clips with their material in them) and especially for my little Rex Harrison-ish act there in the beginning. I'm not much of a singer, and I can't sing and play at the same time to save my life -- so I've largely saved everyone the pain of having to hear my crooning, but being that this was a special request I felt like I had to do a something, you know?

[Listening to:  The Time - "Cool" ]


Werdna said…
Glad to see Sunday shred back on! Nice change of style. Happy B-day to Bef!

And you've always had guitar face. Sometimes when not playing guitar (or so I hear). ;)

At least it beats bass face.
Bef said…
I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This has to be the bestest thing anyone has ever done for me!!!!!!!


I am so speechless right now!!!

You definitely ROCK!!!!

@ Werdna Thanks babe! I'm 40 years young :-)
Heff said…
"Come to Butlik...."
I am posting this from the ether that is the ever after cuz you slayed me. You so rock!
ambboogie said…
Thoroughly, enjoyed.
Jla_B said…
I now understand the obsession Bef has for you ;-)
Satorical said…
Could we just go ahead and make Dan Master of Good Times for the whole planet?
Anonymous said…
Has anybody ever told you that you're turning into Bobcat Goldthwait?
JerseySjov said…
wonderful! im jealous of bef :)
you're lucky that i'll probably forget that you did this by the time my birthday rolls around and spare you a request.
nonotthejacket said…
This is sofaking awesome. You are the sweetest ever to do this for Bef!!

Oh, and please keep the guitar face.

*nods to self*