Theater Roles I Have Played

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Hex said…
My career (if you can even call it that) on the stage was exceptionally short, but this might turn into a thing if I can keep finding pics that I like to fit the bill.

How about you guys -- any credits to share (feel free to borrow the idea over to your blog or whatever, just remember to send me a link too, k?)
JerseySjov said…
it would be kind of boring if i did this...i have about 10 "chorus" credits and finally got a name, "iris kelly", last year.

plus in brigadoon i was "male dance lead"
Hex said…
Jersey -- Chorus parts are where the fun is. I've got all sorts of those credits on my list, too.

Brigadoon is a fun show. And as I recall reading on your site, it led to fun for you too, lol.